Biennial of the Americas 2013: Selected Press

2013 Summer Seasonals on Tap in Beijing and Denver,, September 18
  Denver Biennial of the Americas 2013, by Eleonora Usseglio Prinsi,, September 10
  Biennial of the Americas 2013. Draft Urbanism,, August 9
  Colombia y Chile, a la vanguardia latinoamericana, by Juan Décima, ARQ Clarí, September 9
  Architectural Installations at the Biennial of the Americas, Denver, by Manon Mollard, The Architecture Review, September 4

This year's Biennial fizzled rather than sizzled, by Michael Paglia, Westword, August 29
  A Skyscraper of a Different Sort, by Angie Pache,, August 27
  Biennial of the Americas 2013: Draft Urbanism, by Karissa Rosenfield,, August 21
  Draft Urbanism: Art in the Cityscape, by Dean Saitta,, August 14
  Draft Urbanism: Architecture in Public Spaces, by Dean Saitta,, August 11
  Architecture, Urbanism, And… Beer? Juergen Mayer H Interviews Biennial Of The Americas Curator Carson Chan, by Juergen Mayer H,, August 3
  美国推出“充气式酒店” 入住一晚需5万美元, by,环球网, China Daily, August 1
  Ofrece hotel… !habitación inflable!,, August 1
  RECAP: ‘Draft Urbanism a Conversation’ at the Clyfford Still Museum, by Hayley Richardson, Dikeou Collection blog, July 3
  Denver’s Curtis Hotel Offers Pop-Up, Inflatable Room for $50,000, by Catherine Tsai,, July 31
  Denver Hotel Offers $500G Stay In Inflatable Pop-up Room,, July 31
  Biennale Fail, by Paddy Johnson,, July 31
  The $50,000 Bouncy House Hotel Room, by Amanda Taselaar, TIME Magazine – NewsFeed, July 30
  One Continent or Two? Denver Hosts Biennial of the Americas, by Rex Burkholder,, July 29

Escaped Butterflies and Floating Hotels Highlight the Biennial, host Shana Lewis, Colorado Public Radio, aired July 29

Great Outdoors: The Biennial of the Americas in Denver, by J. Mae Barizo,, July 27
  The Denver Biennial of the Americas: The highs and lows of a city-wide smash, by Ray Mark Rinaldi, The Denver Post, July 23
  Q&A: Carson Chan On Denver’s Biennial & Urban Destinies, by Leah Sandals,, July 22
  Exhibition Review: The Biennial of the Americas, by David Hill, Architectural Record, July 22
  Biennial of the Americas: Mine Pavilion, by Ryan Dravitz,, July 21
  High-Rise vs. Parking Lot: “The Hotel Rehearsal at the Biennial of the Americas”, by Arianna Funk,, July 20

This Year’s Biennial of the Americas Hopes to Push Past Art and Architecture, by Michael Paglia, Westword, July 18
  Draft Urbanism Tackles Denver's Age-Old Problems, by Eric Peterson,, July 17
  Denver Biennial: A Butterfly Jailbreak, but Otherwise a Good Start, Thanks to the Art, by Ray Mark Rinaldi, Denver Post Blog, July 16
  Cortney Lane Stell on First Draft and Bringing Local Artists to the International Stage, by Susan Froyd, Westword, July 16
  On View: The Biennial of the Americas Turns Denver into a Giant Art Fair, by Felix Burrichter, New York Times – T Magazine Blog, July 15

Denver’s Biennial of the Americas, Great Art but Clever Marketing, Too, by Ray Mark Rinaldi, Denver Post, July 15

Biennial of the Americas Curator Carson Chan on Bringing Art to the People and the Culture of Beer, by Susan Froyd, Westword, July 15

Biennial Art Project Makes Big Impact In Downtown Denver, CBS 4 Denver, first broadcasted on July 11

The Biennial of the Americas Hopes Beer Will Change Your View of How the City Looks, by Jonathan Shikes, Westword Blog, July 11
  Preview: Biennial of the Americas, by Daliah Singer, 5280 Blog, July 11
  Post-Internet Curating, Denver Style: An Interview with Carson Chan, by Karen Archey,, July 9
  Denver Biennial bring butterflies, beer (and Tina Brown) next month, by Ray Mark Rinaldi, Denver Post, June 13
  Curator Carson Chan on Serving Up 2013's Beer-Themed Biennial of the Americas, by Alexander Forbes, Bluin, May 6