032c Magazine

032c carson chan

032c is a bi-annual contemporary culture magazine at the intersections of fashion, art and politics. Finding the new in the old and the old in the new, 032c invites leading and emerging creatives to collaborate on mono-thematic issues. It has been considered to be "dedicated to the celebration of ideas" by i-D, "revue ultra-pointue" by French Vogue, or simply as "the Berlin magazine that propogates an aesthetic of brutal elegance" by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. "The magazine fuses art and architecture, literature, urban studies and fashion in ways", states New York Times, "that can make one forget how depressing a visit to a newsstand has become." 032c is internationally distributed to selected art bookstores, fashion boutiques and newsstands. The magazine has been exhibited at places such as London Design Museum, Colette (Paris), GAS (Tokyo), The Pineal Eye (London) and the 3rd Berlin Biennial.

Editor/Creative Director Joerg Koch
Art Director Mike Meiré
Designer Tim Giesen
Fashion Director Mel Ottenberg
Managing Editor Thom Bettridge
Studio Management Anke-Katharina Bahrs
Editor-at-Large Carson Chan
Contributing Editors Victoria Camblin, Jina Khayyer, Pierre Alexandre de Looz, Hans Ulrich Obrist
Assistant Editors Suleman Anaya, Darryl Natale, Peter Kwang
Assistant Fashion Editor Alexa Lanza
Translation Miriamne Fields, Michael Ladner
Production/Imaging max-color, Berlin
Printing Bosch-Druck GmbH
Office Management Anke-Katharina Bahrs

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